When: Saturday, November 13th, starting at 10am.
Where: 106 St. Jude’s Lane, Ballandean, QLD.
What: Distillation of tea tree oil, bushfood display, and more…

Distillation of tea tree oil from Melaleuca alternifolia Insights into the clinical use of Australian essential oils with Deb Atterby Bushfood display & discussion with Tracey & Doug from NativeOZ Bushfoods Overview & examples of medicinal & edible plant species from the Granite Belt with Andrew Pengelly Indigenous foods and medicine research report with Sophie Ader from Uniquely Australian Foods (University of Queensland) Saturday morning guided walk to explore wildflowers in the granite hills of Ballandeen. Full Cost: $80 per person (IPHA Members $70.00) Includes: lunch, dinner, morning & afternoon teas

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Accomodation Options

Good holiday parks in the area, a list can be provided
Motels in Stanthorpe, a 25 minute drive away
Numerous private (B&B) accomodations options in vineyards

Limited camping available at the venue