For anyone who would like help, here are some opportunities.

Plant Monographs

It is our plan to include monographs on as many of the Australian medicinal plants as possible. This will act as an Australian Materia Medica database.

What you can do:

  1. Download the monograph template
  2. Let us know if there is a edible or medicinal plant you would like to research or let us select one for you
  3. Start collecting information. The following sites are a good start

Please note: When looking for research articles, try to search for original papers and never use inforamtion that is only available as an abstract. If using a website as a source, please no blogs. Most government and botanical websites will provide references, which are a great resource. Don’t worry too much about the format, we will edit the references and final draft to conform to a site standard, but you will be credited with the research.