Each month our newsletters will feature a native medicinal/edible plant, in addition to articles on cultivation there will be informational updates and clinical research reviews.

IHPA Newsletters
May 2022, Volume 17 Medicinal Plants of the Brigalow Belt
Davidson Plums
Australian Native Flowers
Brief History of the Distillation of Essential Oils
Persoonia Project – Research Collaboration
Field Day may 2022

February 2022, Volume 16 Under-utilized Crops
Future of Aussie Foods
Indigenous Foods & Medicines
Indigenous Edible & Medicinal Knowledge Cards
Sandalwood Stories
Field Day – November 2021
Book Launch – Australian Essential Oil Profiles
Book Reviews – Bush Tucker, Boomerangs & Bandages, The Nation of Plants, Gathering Moss
Recipe – Bushman’s Ointment

October 2021, Volume 15 Plants of the Queensland Granite Belt
Phytochemistry of the Bush – Pt.4 Essential oils
Update- Persoonia Research
North Rothbury Persoonia
Book review – Taste of the Outback
Plants for Brisbane suburbs

July 2021, Volume 14 Welcome to the West
Phytochemistry of the Bush – Pt.3 Saponins and triterpenoids
Advances for the Bushfood Industry
Wirimbili and Community Garden
Health-Promoting Plant Species for Mid-Western NSW
Edible Wattles

April 2021, Volume 13 March 2021 Field Day – Pat Collins
Phytochemistry of the Bush – Pt.2 Tannins
Medicinal Roadside Weeds
Wolston Creek Flora Survey (Part2)
Indigenous plants for Butterflies

December 2020, Volumes 11-12 November 2020 Field Day Pictures
Phytochemistry of the Bush – Pt.1 Alkaloids
Aromatherapy in Practice – Elizabeth Greenwood
Blackberry Nightshade – Pat Collins
Wolston Creek Flora Survey(Part1)
Book Reviews

July 2020, Volume 10 Useful Bush Plants – Pat Collins
Medicinal and Edible Plant Card Project
The Backyard Pharmacy – Andrew Pengelly
Legal cases for Indigenous Products
Drought, Fire & Flood – Wooton
Medicinal Moss Under Threat
Deforestation and Pandemics

March-April 2020, Volume 9 Asthma weed (Euphorbia hirta)
Black stone flower (Parmotrema perlatum): A spice, a medicine, a dye, a lichen
Purslane (Portulaca oleracea
The Burning Summer of 2019-2020: Reports from Members
Book Reviews

December 2019,Volume 8 Peanut Tree (Sterculia quadrifida)
Field Day -March 2020
Book Review – Flooded Forest and Desert Creek, Red Gum Bend, The Oldest Foods on Earth, Women’s Gathering and Hunting on the Pitantjatjara Homelands
Book Reviews
Recipe – Lemon Myrtle Lemonade
Books by Pat Collins
Lichens for Food & Medicine
Field Day-SPring 2019
Singleton Community Gardens

September 2019, Vol.7 Wattles (Acacia spp.)
The road to market – Rob Santich,
Edible Plants of Tasmania,
Invasive plants-Brisbane area,
Book reviews

November 2018 Paperbark (Melaleuca),
Literature search-Swamp mahogany (Eucalyptus robusta)
Cultivating turmeric

October 2018 Native Sarsaparilla (Smilax glyciphylla)
Persoonia research update

September 2018 Red Ash (Alphitonia excelsa),
Persoonia research