Each month our newsletters will feature a native medicinal/edible plant, in addition to articles on cultivation there will be informational updates and clinical research reviews.


Plant of the month: Wattles (Acacia spp.)
The road to market – Rob Santich
Edible plants of Tasmania
Invasive vines of Brisbane
book reviews

June 2019

Podocarpus elatus (ilawarra plum),
Syzgium species(lili-pili)
The black bean story (Castanospermum australe)
March 2019

Eucalyptus camaldulensis (river red gum),
Melaleuca nodosa
Native Tasmanian food plants
January 2019

Melia azedarach (white cedar),
Literature search-Mountain pepper (Tasmannia lanceolata)
Herbalists without borders
November 2018

Paperbark (Melaleuca),
Literature search-Swamp mahogany (Eucalyptus robusta)
Cultivating turmeric

October 2018

Native Sarsaparilla (Smilax glyciphylla),
Persoonia research update
September 2018

Red Ash (Alphitonia excelsa),
Persoonia research