These are a set of cards with 69 native Australian plants that have been traditionally used for food and/or medicine.
The development of this deck was made possible by a grant from Mach energy Australia Pty, Ltd. with the support of the Wanaruah Local Aboriginal Council.
Created for use as a teaching tool, so that young people can get to know and respect the rich heritage of native Australian medicinal and edible plant, IPHA will be presenting over 500 decks to the land council for distribution.

We also hope to educate the general public, so that they will learn to recognize and respect these plants in the wild and nurture them in their gardens.
Also, we hope to inspire researchers in Australia and around the world to study and to help enrich out understanding and appreciation for native Australian traditional knowledge.

We ask everyone to honor these and all the traditional plants of Indigenous Australia, not just for their useful qualities, but as important spiritual connections to the culture, the land and the people of Australia.

Do not try to prepare or use any of these plants without having been shown by experienced indigenous plant authorities. Some plants can cause illness or poisoning if prepared improperly or if eaten in large quantities. These cards are not emant to be used as a resource for food or for medical treatment. The author & publisher are not responsible for any effects or consequences that may result from the use of the information contained in these cards.

Please Remember
All plants growing within Australian national parks are protected. Fruits, flowers, seeds should be left with the plant to ensure that they will be preserved for the future. Please consider growing your own plants by purchasing them from nurseries and indigenous suppliers.

Example of Cards

Thanks to all the volunteers who contributed to this project. As writers, editors, proofreaders, researchers & artists.
Writing & research: Kat Bennett, Jenie Stroh
Proofing, editing & reviewing: Phil Sheppard, Pat Collins, Andrew Pengelly, Reesa Ryan
Artists: Kat Bennett (Aka K. Dilaj) for the plant illustrations and Ross-Lynn Thompson for the card & box borders. Technical assistance: Cerise Bennett<br> as well as to Sam Schauer and Margaret Denholm, our contacts at PrintNinja.
Thanks to Natasha Kellett and to the aboriginal elders and community members who have given their time and support.

A limited number of decks will be available for sale. Further details will be posted once the cards have been received.
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