Elementary (ages 6-10)

  1. Science
    1. Have children sort the cards into different plant categories: trees, flowers, shrubs, ferns, fungus, grasses, vines. Ask them how are they different? How are they the same?
    2. Have children sort cards by type of leaf, flower, height or useful part.
    3. Download the plant card checklist. Take a walk around the school – are there any plants on the list? check them off. Look for more plants whenever the group goes on a field trip. Use a cellphone to take an image of the plant to see if it matches.

    1. Have children find all the plants that can be used for food.
    2. Have children sort the edible plants into the five food categories: Protein, grain, fruit, vegetable, dairy
    3. Indigenous people categorized their food groups differently: food from animals, food from plants (fruits/vegetables), food from seeds and nuts, edible bugs and sweet foods (honey, gums, nectars). Discuss how these compare with the five food categories. How are they the same? How are they different?
    4. Have children plan a healthy meal using the cards for edible plants.

    1. Copy and enlarge plant images. Discuss what colors the different plant parts are naturally. Have children color their copies.
    2. Make identification booklets of all the colored pages

Middle School ( ages 11-16)

High School ( ages 17-19)