Information about native medicinal plants and bush foods

  1. Sustainable Gardening Australia – Website offering information about  Australian indigenous and bushfood plants.
  2. Aboriginal Plant Use- NSW Tablelands – Plants are shown aloong the left margin.
  3. Australian Native Foods and Botanicals
  4. Aboriginal Plant Use- Australian National Botanic Gardens – website supporting a native plant trail at the Australian National Botanic Gardens.
  5. Australian Food Plants Study Group – Organization with a focus on native edible plants. The newsletters often contain recipes and cultivation information
    1. AFPSG Newsletters 
  6. Tropical Indigenous Ethnobotany Centre – James Cook University – Provides information about cultural uses and perceptions of native plants.
  7. Australian Flora Foundation – A resource for plant research and funding body.
  8. International Natural Products Science Task force – A group promoting natural products research.
  9. Indigenous Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies – great resource
  10. Australian Plant Society – General information about native plants.
    1. Hunter Valley Group – Group based in the Hunter Valley with a focus on plants native to the region.
  11. Hunter Region Botanical Gardens – A  great place to see what plants can grow in the Hunter Region. Volunteers at the Gardens herbarium can help you identify plants.
  12. Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment – University of Newcastle – Includes environmental studies and rehabilitation of the land by mining companies, farms, etc.
  13. Bush food bibliography – Prepared by the Australian National Botanic gardens.

Nurseries and Suppliers of Plants

  1. Sydney Wildflower Nursery – They offer a number of  bush tucker plants
  2. Tucker Bush – A nursery specializing in bush tucker plants
  3. Cornucopia Nursery – Specializes in bulk quantities of plants native to the Sydney region. Also supplies seed.
  4. Australian Quandong Industry
  5. Bushfood Factory and Nursery – Supplier of bushfood plants
  6. Tuckerbush – They sell plants and help schools create bushgardens

Restaurants and Sources for Bush Food Products

  1. Outback Chef – Teas, recipes and a blog on bush tucker!
  2. Orana – Restaurant featuring native Australian foods
  3. Australian Bush Spices – Online source for spice blends using natives
  4. Arnhem Bush Tucker – Online store (NT)
  5. A Taste of the bush  –  Online store, recipes and market days (NSW)
  6. BarbushCo – Mostly teas and lemon myrtle products
  7. Bushfood Sensations – Catering around Sydney area- family business
  8. Basically Wild– Appears to be a catering and marketing business
  9. Wild Hibiscus Flower Co
  10. Diemen Pepper – Native pepperberries
  11. Flavors of OZ – Bush foods and recipes
  12. Australian Native Lemon Myrtle – Lemon myrtle teas and oils
  13. Playing with Fire – Online shop offering native foods, spices and products.
  14. Rainforest Foods – Chocolate covered macadamia nuts and jams and more
  15. Taste Australia – Spices, ground seeds and much more.
  16. Tukka – Brisbane restaurant specializing in bush foods
  17. Tumbeela Native Bushfoods- Native pepper and Lemon Myrtle


Australian Bushfoods Magazine – Associated with the Australian Native Foods (ANFI). The site is not quite up to date, but there are some interesting articles available.