Pat was brought up on a dairy farm and always had a love of the land, gardening from an early age. She gained an interest in herbs after her 2nd child was born and started doing courses. In 1989 she obtained her Diploma in Herbal Medicine and then has obtained further Diplomas in Iridology, Reflexology and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Her teaching career with TAFE, Outreach and WEA started in 1991 and she now mainly teaches privately.

Pat and her husband Bryant started the Total Health and Education Centre in Muswellbrook in 1997 after starting her Practice as a Herbalist three years prior. T.H.E. Centre is the hub of her professional life where her staff sells all her products she makes on the premises and at home. Pat has a large range of products that addresses the issues her clients and customers require for healing purposes.

Pat and Bryant collect herbs (weeds) from the bush or they grow them on their property in the Martindale valley. These are the base of her herbal range that she loves to teach about. Pat wants people to take healing back to the home and out of the doctor’s surgery and pharmacy. She teaches people to create products to help all their health and cosmetic issues.