Saturday March 27th, 2021 Field Day

Venue: 1780 Martindale Road, Martindale, NSW 2328 


10am  Welcome to country and Introduction

10.15am  Walk to discover useful weeds and natives in the area.  This will be run by Andrew Pengelly and Pat Collins

11am   Morning tea

11.15am  Start of distillation with Jeff Allen.  Jeff will use natives (such as Yellow Box) to create an essential oil. 

12pm  Native and jelly bush honey and its many uses including Amomiels (essential oil and honey) with Rob Santich

12.45pm  Lunch  –  Nettle quiche, Fat hen fritters, fresh salad plus twisters to make on the fire with locals jams – Blackberry nightshade and Prickly pear jams.

1.45pm  Checking on distillation

2pm  Bush crafts and using native flora to make products such as string, bowls, bush medicine and so much more with Natasha Kellet

3pm  Making a bush ointment using the natives in this area.  Everyone to take home a sample.  Pat Collins will do the demonstration.

4pm  Afternoon tea

4.15pm  Making baskets from local and other fibres with Roz Thomson

5.15pm  Finish of distillation and making an Amomiel from the essential oil with Jeff and Rob

6pm  Dinner 

  • Bunya nut curry
  • Damper cooked in the camp oven
  • Kangaroo shish kabobs
  • Shellfish cooked in coals
  • Vegetables cooked in pumpkin
  • Dessert – Lemon myrtle cheesecake with local berries and wattle seed ice cream

Bring musical instruments including tap sticks and didgeridoo for after dinner entertainment.

There will be bush crafts for the children such as making clay pots and creating bush necklaces.

There will be tea, coffee, herbal teas, milo and fruit available all day.  Food will only be supplied for the field day, bring any other meals you may need if coming earlier and/or staying later.  

Free camping available Friday and Saturday nights.  Those coming early may like to help us prepare dishes such as the Bunya nut curry. 

Please bring all your camping gear including your cup, plate, dish, cutlery and tea towel as you will be responsible for washing your eating utensils.

There will be a toilet and water but no shower.

Information on how to get to the campsite will be on the webpage.  Please note the track to our house is a rough dirt road.  If you have a 2WD ensure you have good ground clearance.  You also cross a sandy creek bed.  Please ring if you have any worries or questions.  My home phone number is 0265473514.  Please leave a message if we are not at home and I will return your call asap.

COST is $70/member or $80/non member Children under school age free and school children half price.

All attendees must fill out a registration form prior to the camp – For Registration form – click here.

Pay fees directly into our bank account or through PayPal. Printed copies should be mailed to: Pat Collins 1780 1780 Martindale Road, Martindale NSW 2328 

For a printable Itinerary click here

To register and payclick here